Product Spotlight: Vacuforce Squid System

Vacuforce offers a unique universal vacuum lifting tool known as “The Squid” system. The Squid has been developed to offer the vacuum user a universal end of arm vacuum tool.  It utilizes different “end effectors” such as vacuum cups, foam, orifice fittings and self closing valves. The Squid operates perfectly in a variety of applications, such as carton case palletizing.

Every Squid requires a Base Box.  This is the top of the Squid system which mounts to the robot or lifting device.  The cup plate will connect to the underside of the Squid. There are two types of cup plates - an orifice fitting option and the other for use with self closing valves.  

Orifice fittings are used inside the cup plate when using vacuum foam or inside the vacuum cup fitting when using rubber vacuum cups.  The orifice fittings restrict the vacuum  air flow  if  the  cup  is  not  fully  covered  by  the product being handled.  Therefore the vacuum generator selected should be sized according to the potential leakage that may occur. This is a very simple and cost effective solution.

The  SCV  option  requires  a  deeper  cup  plate  to  accommodate  the  self closing  valves  inside  the  Squid.    The  self  closing  valve  will  close  if  the vacuum  cup  does  not  seal  properly  against  the  load  being  handled; Therefore a much smaller vacuum generation device can be used. The Vacuforce self closing valve is also adjustable and therefore can be used on products which are porous.  The valve rest position is under a spring force; Consequently,  high  inertia  or  inverted  positioning  of  the  Squid will  not inadvertently close the valve.

The  Squid  is  offered  in  component  form  to  allow  for  a  more  flexible  and  easier approach to integration.  The Squid consists of the following components:

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