Product Spotlight: McDaniel Gauges

Known for their all stainless, liquid fillable, field repairable line of pressure gauges, McDaniel Controls offers the largest and finest selection of pressure gauges on the market. McDaniel gauges are engineered to withstand 300% full scale pressure without rupture of the bourdon tube and 130% full scale pressure without loss of accuracy, making them the exception in the marketplace today. Replacing a defective gauge is costly and time consuming - choose McDaniel for your gauge needs and avoid the inconvenience of faulty gauges.

The McDaniel gauge offering includes:

  • subsea gauges - for depths up to 10,000 ft
  • stainless steel - great for corrosive environments
  • general services gauges - with brass internals for proven cost savings
  • process gauges - for rigorous and harsh environments in the process, petrochemical and power industries
  • plant safety gauges - offering safety, durability and accuracy
  • liquid filled, stainless steel case utility gauges - for general service in vibration, pulsation and corrosive atmospheres
  • stainless steel case utility gauges - economy priced for general service in corrosive environments
  • black steel case utility gauges - for general service in non corrosive, non pulsating applications
  • ammonia gauges - industrial and commercial ammonia refrigeration gauges with equivalent ammonia temperature scales
  • safe zone reflective glo-gauge - designed for greater visibility

McDaniel Controls offers economical, yet quality gauges for use in a number of different applications. Contact RPM bearing today for all your gauge needs!