Kyodo Yushi - Grease for all Your Industrial Applications

Kyodo Yushi’s products have become the golden standard for roller bearings and electromechanical applications due to their high performance and long life. Their products include greases for heat resistance, low temperature resistance, rust resistance, acoustic properties and long life.

Kyodo Yushi’s line of products includes:

  •  Multemp LRL NO. 3, low noise grease for rolling bearings usable from low to high temperatures. Also perfectly suitable for ball screws, linear guides and machining centers.
  •  Multemp SRL, the ball bearing grease recognized as the "standard" throughout the world. Exceptionally low noise profile and long life grease usable over wide temperature ranges.
  • Citrax SP, a refined mineral oil based grease for multi-purpose use including bearing applications.
  • Multemp ET-R, thicker grease for better flow behavior suitable for lubrication of angular contact ball bearings and roller bearings.

Kyodo Yushi manufactures grease for nearly every application – Contact Rubber & Power of Michigan today for all your bearing and electromechanical grease needs!